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iPhone 8 tipped with all-glass design for wireless charging

Time:2017/10/20 Edit:admin  

The iPhone 8 will be made with an all-glass casing,according to a new report,in order to facilitate wireless charging.Though metal phones can be charged wirelessly,doing so comes with some limitations and potential troubles,which Apple reportedly wants to avoid.Apples wireless chargers will be supplied entirely by Pegatron,at least if the report is proven correct.

The information comes from MacRumors,which reports that it received its information from a research note by Ming-Chi Kuo,a KGI Securities analyst.Kuo indicates Pegatron will likely supply the wireless charger due to Hon Hai being focused on producing the rumored OLED hardware.This isnt the first time weve heard rumors about wireless charging for the iPhone 8.
Late last month,we reported that Sharp CEO Jeng-wu Tai potentially let one iPhone 8 secret slip during a speech at Tatung University:the plan to introduce an OLED iPhone.Meanwhile,a report from Japanese publication Nikkei suggests Apple has three iPhones planned for launch in 2017,two using the same panels used in the current phones,and a third phone featuring a 5.5-inch OLED display.
Circling back to the wireless charging feature,though,it isnt clear whether Kuo anticipates a wireless charger being included with the iPhone 8.It is suggested that certain iPhones may be bundled with the charger in 2017,and that itll be more common in 2018.